Building No. 11
Site ID No.: 39
Sand Point Naval Air Station
Historic Name:
Shop & Office Building, Public Works

7777 62nd Ave NE

Built: 1938; additions between 1939 and 1944

Aerial view with Building No. 20 in center.

2007 Google Earth Image
Eastern Elevation

Courtesy of Artifacts Inc.
Built in 1938,
Building 11 began as a small office for the Navy’s Public Works staff. By 1944, the building expanded substantially and housed a repair shop in addition to offices for Public Works. A variety of small businesses and artist studious occupy the majority of the building. The south end remains vacant. The public library system utilizes ground floor space in the north portion for furniture repair work.  

Eastern - North Elevation

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Western - South Elevation

Courtesy of Artifacts Inc.

Building 11 surrounds Building No. 20 Site ID No.: 40

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South Elevation - Building 11

Courtesy of Artifacts Inc.
Historic Name: Building 20 Torpedo Shop  Address: 7777 62nd Ave NE  

Built in 1937, Building 20 housed a torpedo shop for the naval air station. It was originally constructed as a freestanding building, but by 1944, it was engulfed by Building 11, Shop & Office Building,

1953 Aerial

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