Building No. 12
Site ID No.: 32
Sand Point Naval Air Station
Name: Building 12 Boiler Plant

Built: 1930; additions in 1942
Address: 7732  62nd Ave NE

NORTH WEST Elevation              The globe looking object is a NET BUOY

Courtesy of Artifacts Inc.

The Boiler Plant served as the central steam plant for the naval air station.

Building No. 12 was also known as the Central Heating Plant or Central Steam Plant. During World War II, bomb protection was added to the Boiler Plant, including sandbags and post-and-beam shield walls around the outside. Two additional boilers were installed in 1938. The 1942 additions changed at least one boiler and added two engine generators.

2007 Google Earth Image
In 1972, the Navy removed the old fuel oil system and installed automatic electric gas pilots. A 10,000 gallon oil tank was removed in the late 1990s.         
NORTH WEST Elevation

Courtesy of Artifacts Inc.
The Hangar Construction photo right; displays the railroad siding running just to the west of Building 12. To the south was Building 17, an engine test building. Then  came Building 7 , an Office Building.

Hangar 27 was complete and only the north portion of Hangar 2 was complete. Railroad tracks run right into the construction area. You could wonder is the old ties were left in place when the concrete floors were poured.

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