Building 138   Site ID No.: 21
Sand Point Naval Air Station
Name: Gatehouse (Main Entrance)
Address: 7700 Sand Point Way NE

West Elevation

Courtesy of Artifacts Inc.

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Built in 1942, the Gatehouse served as an obvious main entrance and security check for the naval air station. Visitors checked in with Navy personnel before being allowed entry. The enclosed bridge spanning the entrance gave Navy personnel better views of approaching vehicles and pedestrians. The Gatehouse replaced an earlier entrance. In continuous since Navy conveyance, the building provides offices for various non-profit organizations.

West-North Elevation

Historic Preservation -149th Meeting - Spokane

East Elevation

Courtesy of Artifacts Inc.

MONUMENT 396  Site ID No.: 22
Address: NE 74th St & Sand Point Way NE

Round-the-World-Flight Monument
Architect/Designer: Victor Alonzo Lewis

West Elevation                                                                                   East Elevation
    Historic Preservation -149th Meeting - Spokane                                Courtesy of Artifacts Inc.

The most important public event associated with Sand Point during King County ownership was the First Around-The-World Flight, which is commemorated at Sand Point. Four Douglas World Cruisers (two-seater biplanes) commenced on April 6, 1924 a five-and-a-half month, worldwide aviation “drama” that made news around the globe and occurred three years before Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight across the Atlantic. A total of 26,345 miles were logged on this historic trip. The monument topped with a crown of bronze wings was erected to commemorate the historic flight and was dedicated in September 1924. Seattle sculptor Victor Alonzo Lewis designed and modeled the monument. NAS Seattle site plans assigned the monument number 396.

photo by Vern Bouwman