Structure No. 19    Site ID No.: 51
Sand Point Naval Air Station
Name: Structure 19 Magazine (Arch Type)

Built in 1936, The magazine was constructed to house explosives and ammunition. The structure was sited at the far, east end of the naval air station near Lake Washington, away from core buildings and daily functions. The underground rooms are used by Seattle Parks for storage.

Elevation Looking North East
Courtesy of Artifacts inc.   
The magazines air vent can be seen on hill to left.

2007 Google Earth Image
This poured concrete structure is similar in external appearance and approach to the paired Hi-Explosive Magazines (Structures 54 and 55). All have massive metal doors in a concrete wall opposite another poured concrete wall. A paved road, just wide enough for one vehicle, passes between the facing concrete walls. Roofs are half-round domes (arch type) covered with vegetation. The banked, curved approaches are parged with cementitious material. The structure remains overall in fair condition.

Magazine Door

Courtesy of Artifacts Inc.
1953 Aerial View
Seattle Parks and Recreation