Study Photos of Seaplane Ramps   -   Sand Point Naval Air Station

This 2007 aerial photo of Building 27, a seaplane hanger has only one small ramp remaining.
A history of this area follows below.

Building 27 is build on land fill. The red line depicts the shore line of Pontiac Bay as it was in
a 1927 survey. Building No.1 was the first to be build close to the shore. The green area
was filled in for its construction. The 1930 photo below displays this.

You could think the object in the center of this 1930 photo is ramp No.1, the north/south
lineup is correct but it's not. the object is covered by land fill.

In September of 1937 this wide ramp was built. It is solid concrete.
The control tower was then on a pier extending out into the water.

The ramp  extended the length of building No.1 and 50 feet further on either side.
The control tower is missing from this 1941 photo, it did still appear in a 1938 photo.

This 1953 photo displays even more ramps - extending further east.

This 1990 photo displays much as it is here in 2010.
Building No.1 is gone and the seaplane ramps are gone.

There is a small ramp that does exist, seen well in the top photo.

The ramp is a highly used recreation fixture,
created with Flag Stone recovered from the base.