Building No. 9
Site ID No.: 18
Sand Point Naval Air Station
Name: Building 9 Barracks
Built: 1929; 1930 (wings built); additions between 1939 and 1944
Address: 7101 62nd Ave NE

The central east entrance

Historic Preservation -149th Meeting - Spokane

A Colonial Revival–style barracks building rising from a poured concrete foundation and an irregular floor plan. Oriented north to south, the building is situated along Sand Point Way NE, south of the main district entrance. The main north/south axis has multiple wings, which extend east and west.

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A West elevation from south

Courtesy of Artifacts Inc.

An East elevation

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The original north section of the Barracks was built in 1929 with wings completed in 1930. The center section and south section were built between 1939 and 1944. Building 9 housed enlisted personnel and student aviators. A chapel and mess hall were also located in the building. The building is owned by the University of Washington and is vacant.

Entrances in the north and south portions feature both primary and secondary entrances. The primary entrances consist of round-arched doorways. Two courses of rowlock bricks outline the arch with decorative cast stone keystones and springers. Decorative wood molding wraps around the inner edge between the brick and door and transom

A South elevation

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East elevation

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Building No. 42
Site ID No.: 20
Name: Main Electric Substation
Address: 7700 Sand Point Way NE
Built in 1939 in the west central area of Building 9, the structure functioned as the main electric substation for the naval air station. Still in use for some electric power distribution.

Walls are poured concrete with minimal Art Moderne detailing derived from the set of three horizontal lines on all facades. The east (main) facade has multi-lite, steel, sash windows and two entrances with metal doors. The building remains overall in fair condition.

Site ID No.: 19        Name: Loading Dock   -   Address: 7101 62nd Ave NE
Built between 1939 and 1943, the structure functioned as the main receiving facility for supplies utilized in the mess hall located within Building 9. The loading dock coupled with the secondary access road allowed trucks to pull in behind Building 9 and unload provisions.

An Eastern 1930 Image


1946 Construction


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