Condemned 2: Bloodshot


Condemned 2: Bloodshot

The sequel to Condemned promises a new fighting mechanic that will allow for brutal hand-to-hand combat as the player hunts down serial killers.

The Story of Condemned 2: Bloodshot

In the sequel to Condemned: Criminal Origins, the now mentally damaged Ethan Thomas has to fight more with inner demons. Ethan’s connection to the cult of Oro becomes clearer, there are new and old enemies… In this video I show the story of Condemned 2: Bloodshot. The game is unfortunately only available for consoles, I’m playing the Xbox 360 version here. The gameplay of Condemned 2 relies more on close combat and less on detective work. Have you played both parts? Which one do you like better?

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Condemned 2: Bloodshot All Cutscenes HD

Condemned 3! 37:48 😀

Condemned: Criminal Origins All Cutscenes /

Condemned 2: Bloodshot | The One With The Bear Level

Condemned 2 Bloodshot is an interesting sequel, to say the least. This hobo fighting simulator goes in some interesting directions.

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Released only for Xbox360 and Playstation 3 in 2008, Condemned 2 builds off the solid foundation of the first Condemned. While still an excellent sequel, some of its tweaks work out better than others.

While it mostly maintains that overbearing atmosphere, it takes a more action-heavy focus with a number of tweaks to the combat system. There’s a lot more going on with this system, and as great as it is, it does strip away at some of the horror elements.

However, the improved investigation system has you playing a much larger part than simply pixel-hunting for evidence.

The campaign is great for the most part, although the last 5th or so suffers a noticeable quality drop. And the plot? Well, there were hints of something bigger happening at the end of the first game and Condemned 2 runs with it.

It goes in some interesting directions, to say the least. It’s also a good example of why it’s better not to overexplain things in your stories when it takes away from that mystery and horror.

So while I still prefer the first Condemned, Condemned 2 is well worth checking out, although playing it today requires you to jump through some more hoops due to its limited availability.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend you watch my video on the first Condemned beforehand.

00:00 – Prelude
03:06 – Combat in Condemned 2
07:51 – Investigations in Condemned 2
08:56 – Level Design In Condemned 2
11:36 – Going Through Condemned 2 (Spoilers)
22:37 – In Conclusion

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Revisiting Condemned 2: Bloodshot – An Updated Review

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0:00 Intro
0:52 The Premise
03:44 Ekster Smart Wallet Promo
04:50 The Combat
10:06 The Campaign
16:49 The Bear
19:14 The Ending
21:39 Outro & Amazingly Awesome Patrons