Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Review


Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Review

Final Fantasy IV’s gripping story and fast-paced combat make this sizeable collection fun from start to finish.

Final Fantasy 4: The Complete Collection PSP Review

Final Fantasy 4: The Complete Collection is a collection of FF4 and FF4: The After Years, which were developed and published by Square Enix for the Playstation Portable (PSP). This review was produced by Jeremy from the ClassicL337 gaming and electronic podcast. Go to for more gaming and electronic reviews and to listen to our podcasts. And as always…BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE!!!

Final Fantasy IV – The Best Final Fantasy Game Ever? – Xygor Gaming

My retrospective and review of Final Fantasy IV, which analyzes the game’s story, characters, soundtrack, and difficulty. I also include a few criticisms.

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Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Review (PSP) – BawesomeBurf

Intro – 0:00
Final Fantasy IV – 3:09
Interlude – 7:29
The After Years – 8:32
Wrap Up – 11:58

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The DEFINITIVE Final Fantasy IV Analysis

hello everyone! this is a very long video. i spent 9 months working on this, and i really hope you like it.


Introduction: 0:00
History + version differences: 2:55
Opening + Baron: 13:31
Mist + Kaipo: 23:32
Underground Waterway: 38:29
Damcyan: 44:30
Mt. Hobs + Fabul: 54:40
Mysidia + Mt. Ordeals: 1:08:26
Cecil character analysis: 1:18:04
Return to Baron: 1:29:27
Palom and Porom character analysis: 1:33:51
‘Troian Beauty’ +: Troia 1:41:16
Edward character analysis: 1:47:00
‘Golbez, Clad in Darkness’ + Tower of Zot: 1:56:07
Rosa character analysis: 2:10:59
Agart + Underworld: 2:20:46
Dwarven Castle: 2:29:54
Rydia character analysis: 2:38:08
Tower of Babil: 2:49:11
‘Main Theme of FFIV’ + Eblan: 3:04:03
Return to Tower of Babil: 3:10:36
Four Fiends analysis: 3:13:32
Edge character analysis: 3:28:07
Sealed Cave: 3:34:24
Sylph Cave + Sylph summon analysis: 3:40:03
Feymarch: 3:48:12
Asura summon analysis: 3:56:14
Sidequests + Lunar Whale: 4:00:31
Moon: 4:08:59
Giant of Babil: 4:22:28
Golbez character analysis: 4:29:08
Return to Moon + Augments: 4:40:58
‘Red Wings’ + Lunar Subterrane: 4:46:25
Final boss: 4:52:06
Ending: 5:01:13
Kain character analysis: 5:09:08
Theme analysis: 5:20:38
Conclusion: 5:26:22
Thanks: 5:33:26

as sojiro would say, hoo boy. that’s a lot of timestamps.


music i refer to in the golbez’s theme bit:
my FFIII video timestamped to ‘main theme’ discussion:
best ffiv version posts:
tokita interview:
sakaguchi interview:
legends of localisation:
rydia maturity post:
footage i used from other videos (thank you!):
also, pretty much every definition is from wiktionary. i love that site.

if you’re here looking for something else i said would be here, and it isn’t, please leave a comment and let me know so i can sort it out for you.

i’d like to say a huge thanks to my best pal Joe, who has done all the art for my channel from its inception, from the old logo to the new black mage logo, all the old intros and outros, and also the incredible art for my Patreon tiers! he is an immensely talented artist and an absolute legend so check him out:

i’d also really like to thank HotCyder for his excellent work on the thumbnail! this one is my favourite yet. he’s the goat. if you want to check him out, you can find him on both YouTube and Twitter:

i think that’s it! thanks everyone. hope you enjoy the video 🙂

– alastair x